7Hills provides a secure space for people from all walks of life and offers a tool - skateboarding, to defeat gender, racial, religious or cultural inequalities.



7Hills creates an open, democratic environment for everyone in the city of Amman struggling with social barriers. It aims to give all children, youth and parents a safe, public space to skateboard, socialize and unwind. 



Through the joyous outlet of skateboarding, 7Hills  bridges the gap between different cultures, social and racial backgrounds, religions, gender and age.





Skateboard Program

7Hills runs weekly skateboard classes with local and refugee youth, as well as a loaner system that provides free skateboards for use at the skatepark. In order to target the most vulnerable groups for participation, 7Hills collaborates with local NGO's.  We fund transportation services from nearby refugee camps and underserved areas of Amman to the skatepark. This way, youth can enjoy a day of activities at the skatepark, and are given an opportunity to escape their harsh reality for a moment.


Leadership Program

The second aspect of 7Hills is the Leadership Program, in which we train and coach local and refugee youth to become skateboarding teachers. They develop leadership skills, gain a sense of ownership and evolve into a new generation of community leaders. 


Outreach Platform

The outreach platform is the third component of the 7Hills program. The outreach platform is where we visit refugee camps, host communities or underserved areas around Amman to organize skateboard workshops and participatory building projects. For sustainable access to skate activities, 7Hills then arranges transportation servies from the selected area to the skatepark and aims to establish a weekly skateboard class.  





Each week, 7Hills  initiatives reach over 150 youth, with an approximate 70% refugee participation.  We reach families from:

- Jordan

- Syria

- Sudan

- Somalia

- Palestine

- Iraq

- Yemen




We host a weekly girls only skate class at 7Hills. Female participation averages around 40%, with a goal of reaching at least  50% participation throughout our programs. Since the start of the skate program, the community involvement at 7Hills Skatepark has increased significantly. Every day, more local youth assist during skate classes, while their parents and families come together to enjoy the public space.



70% of the population in Jordan is younger than 30, and most of them have no occupation, limited access to resources, and few outlets for creativity and play. This means 7Hills carries a huge responsibility and an even larger potential for higher youth engagement, and the creation of opportunities that allow for freedom, self-reliance and solidarity.