We are happy to announce the ONLINE premiere of 7Hills the Film!

To mark the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for 7Hills’ free-of-charge skate program,
7Hills will be screening an award-winning documentary by film-maker Jesse Locke about the philosophy behind 7Hills Skatepark and its skate program as told by the people behind the organization and through the stories of the youth who have made the park a home.

The film will premiere here on Friday 29 May 2020 at 7 PM Amman time and will remain available for only 24 hours.
Mark your calendars and tell your friends.   

Funds will enable access to skateboarding for the local and refugee youth of downtown Amman. The skate program will kick off later this year with special attention due to the COVID-19 safety measures. Every dollar helps expand 7Hills’ program, reach more youth in downtown Amman, and support the implementation of extra health measures which will ensure the safety of the 7Hills community!